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Artemis [userpic]

Dreadlocks, mew, and ramblings !

May 21st, 2012 (05:43 pm)

current mood: determined

Hey petals- it's me! I've had a hectic few days already, but there have been a few fun things mixed in! 

^ that's me with some crazy dreadlocks in, since I'll be making my own this summer ! 

I find myself constantly craving tempura and mahi mahi these days! I usually never crave anything... oh well, I'll try to visit a Japanese restaurant sometime this week! Anyway, I've had a lot of tests and other stress inducing things lately but hey, school is almost over- and that means I get to travel and watch tons of awesome old movies ! I've been counteracting this terrible bleh-ness with tons of pokemon obsessing & hanging out with my geeky counterpart- the Luke. 

Also, in pokemon collecting news I might have found someone who will sell me either one of these awesome zukan:

If I have to chose between them (for money reasons) I think I would go with the night time one, just because it looks cooler!

I'm quite excited to get my hands on either one of these simply because they are so detailed and beautiful. 

I also got a sweet little rubbery mew in the mail- who I have already fallen in love with : here he is ~

So yeah- isn't he the sweetest thing? His head and body are actually separate parts- which is neat!

So anyway, have a good week guys ! 

さようなら !